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Race: Brute Demi-Human Formless Plant Demon Insect Fish Undead Angel Dragon
Size: Small Medium Large
Element: Neutral Water Fire Wind Earth Ghost Undead Holy Shadow Poison
Level: 10-30 20-40 30-50 40-60 50-70 60-80 70-90 80-100 90-110

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Angel Holy Monsters

Randgris Lv. 100
Base exp: 1 | Job exp: 1
Zeny per kill: 0ƶ
Angeling Lv. 25
Base exp: 5953 | Job exp: 5260
Zeny per kill: 15,632ƶ

Affected by cards:

Angeling Card

  • Turn the armor's element into Holy
Slot: Armor

Orc Skeleton Card

  • Dmg to holy monsters +20%
Slot: Weapon

Anubis Card

Mini Boss
  • Angel monsters Dmg Taken -30%
Slot: Shield